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Railways PNR Status

The website Railwayspnrstatus is formulated as a medium to check PNR status on INDIAN RAILWAYS TRAIN TICKETS.

PNR – Passenger Name Record

In simple words PNR(Passenger Name Record) is a 10 digit identification number that is unique for every ticket. It is nothing but the travel record of the individual or a group of people travelling together. PNR is maintained in CRS (Central Reservation System) database in case if the passenger exchange or check reservation information or current reservation statue. The PNR code is generated only when the CRS gets full data of journey like passenger's name, age, gender, train number, source station – destination station, journey class, berth preference, contact number, etc. PNR is of great use to passengers, whose tickets are not confirmed. With the help of PNR number an individual can check whether their tickets got confirmed or not.

Where to find PNR Number on Ticket?

You can find your PNR Number on the top-left corner of your ticket!

Internet Generated Train Ticket

(Internet Generated Train Ticket)

Window Issued Train Ticket

(Window Issued Train Ticket)

How to check Reservation Status Using PNR Number?

There are multiple ways to check your reservation status with the unique PNR number, but by far the best and the fastest way is to check your PNR status at an online portal.

Through Online Websites:

Checking the status of your ticket online via the Railwayspnrstatus is by far the most easiest way to get your current status.

Important Indian Railway Acronyms and Abbreviations printed on the Reservation Tickets:

GN : General

LD : Ladies

HO : Headquarter Quota

DF : Defence

RC(RAC) : Reservation against Cancellation

OS : Outstation

RS : Road-side

PH : Parliament House

FT : Foreign Tourist

DP : Duty Pass

HP : Handicapped

Various Waiting List (Wait List) Abbreviations:

RLWL : Remote Location Waiting List , This is usually the Waiting List tickets which is relevant when a Passenger expects to get into the Train from an Intermediate Station to the last station. You will never get the RLWL from the starting station of the Journey.

RAC : Reservation Against Cancellation, It refers to a reservation of ticket for sitting accommodation until some berth becomes available. Any RAC ticket holders can board the reserved coach. A Sleeping berth is permitted to RAC ticket holder for sitting purpose only. Two RAC ticket holders need to share the single seat of the held mentor.

PQWL : Pooled Quota Waiting List, This is the holding up rundown tickets which is shared by number of little station in the train route. Basically the PQWL is the holding up rundown ticket started from the one intermediate station to another intermediate station in the single route of any train. Like in the event that from New Delhi To Banglore if somebody take a reservation from Bhopal to Nagpur. The Waiting ticket will be printed as PQWL.

RQWL : Request Waiting List , This abbreviation is utilized when there will be no Pooled Quota Waiting List in the Route.

CKWL : Tatkal Waiting List, when the waiting Tickets are taken under tatkal quota.

WL : Waiting List, When ever the waiting list tickets are booked from the originating station to termination station of single route in train journey.

Indian Railway Acronyms and Abbreviations:

  • SL - Sleeper Class
  • 3A - AC 3 Tier
  • 3 E - AC 3 Tier Economy
  • 2S - Second Sitting
  • FC - First class
  • 2A - AC 2-tier sleeper
  • 1A - First class AC
  • GN – General Quota
  • DF - Defence Quota
  • CK - Tatkal Quota
  • SS – Travelling Alone Female Quota (above 45 Year) / Senior Citizen Quota
  • LD – Ladies Quota
  • HP - Physically Handicapped Quota

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